Elasmosaurus-like elasmosaurid from Germany

November 2017


New paper by me and Joachim Ladwig on fragmentary elasmosaurid remains from the Late Cretaceous of northern Germany. The specimen is curated at the Natural History Museum Bielefeld and has previously been part of Ladwig's collection. Additional elements of the same specimen are housed at the University of Hamburg and in several private collections. The mid-cervicals of the individual are amphicoelous and 1.7 times as long as wide and resemble the morphology in Elasmosaurus platyurus.


Sachs, S. & Ladwig, J. (2017) Reste eines Elasmosauriers aus der Oberkreide von Schleswig-Holstein in der Sammlung des Naturkunde-Museums Bielefeld. Berichte Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein für Bielefeld und Umgegend 55: 28-36.




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