• Born: 1973 in Germany
  • Current affiliation: Associate Researcher, Naturkunde-Museum Bielefeld (Germany) [since 2015]
  • Previous affiliations: Queensland Museum Brisbane (Australia) [associated researcher from 2001-2002], Institute for Palaeontology, Freie Universität Berlin [free association from 2002-2009]
  • Memberships: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Paläontologische Gesellschaft, Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein für Bielefeld und Umgegend
  • Field trips attended in: Australia, Germany, South Korea, USA
  • Research interest: Mesozoic marine reptiles (especially plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, thalattosuchians), dinosaurs, pterosaurs, temnospondyls and other fossil tetrapod groups (see Projects)
  • Awards: Jessup Fellowship (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia) [in 2001]
  • Languages: German, English
Studying the Styxosaurus snowii holotype


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Naturkunde-Museum Bielefeld

Adenauerplatz 2

33602 Bielefeld