Plesiosaur mandible from Wealden of Germany



Our paper on a pliosauromorph plesiosaurian jaw from the 'Wealden facies' deposits of Germany has been released.

We describe an incomplete plesiosaurian mandible from the non-marine ‘Wealden facies’ deposits of the Bückeberg Group. The specimen was found in the 1960s in a quarry near Kathrinhagen in Lower Saxony (northwestern Germany). It was, for many years, on display at the Geological Museum of the University of Cologne and had initially been identified as a crocodilian jaw. Our investigation showed that it in fact is part of a plesiosaurian mandible that resembles the lower jaws of rhomaleosaurids and the pliosaurid Simolestes.


The specimen will soon be on display again at the Geomuseum in Cologne.


Co-authors of the study are Jahn J. Hornung, Jens Lallensack and Benjamin Kear


50 free pdfs are currently available via this link:

Wealden pliosauromorph reconstruction by Joschua Knüppe



Joschua Knüppe made a life reconstruction of the pliosauromorph specimen from the 'Wealden facies'.


A high resolution version of the artwork that Joschua entitled "Beast from Cologne" is available here:


Popular contribution on the Cologne pliosauromorph released in Geohorizon


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